This Program helps needy families during the Christmas Holiday. This program is supported by several churches outside of our community that have been faithful throughout the past 35 years.

Housing Resources
Provide information to owners regarding homeowner assistances (i.e repairs, weatherization, & foreclosure information).

CEDA Program
Community Economic Development Association provides the following services to individuals and families: LIHEAP (LOW INCOME HOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM), COMED HARDSHIP, SHARE THE WARMTH, WEATHERIZATIN AND FURNACE Replacement/Repair(based upon available funding).

Community Outreach
For the past three years WECAN has hosted a community block gathering.

Summer Camp
This is a free program that is offered in the community during the summer that is ran by staff volunteers and parents. The summer camp provides our children with structured play, promotes respect,and healthy decision making. This therefore keeps up conflict resolution and keeps them out of trouble so that our children get to live to see another day.

Summer Youth Program
WECAN is a participant of the City of Chicago Summer Youth Program where we provide site-training to youth in the area of employment, education readiness, and job experiences(upon available funding).